6th Borough Project – Hang On

Something smooth for your Wednesday evening. A track released back in 08 off the sizzling edits label Instruments of Rapture. Graeme, Clarke (Revenge, Ooft) and Craig Smith make up this amazingly talented duo. Stay tuned for an artist spotlight on 6th Borough Project.

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Buy this release and scope others here. You will not be dissapointed. Check out our sound cloud for the first low motion mix from last year (link on the right). The beginning is loaded with 6th Borough Tracks.

Mark E – May Mix 2010

Everyone break out your rhythm makers and lay down some beat tracks. It’s becoming quite apparent that house is the trend for 2010. We’re talking the roots of it, from Chicago and New York. Elements of deep and acid along with the sounds of Detroit techno. Mind you deep house has been shining steadily for the past year and a bit at least. Although there are some people who believe house is experiencing a come back, most of us know it never left. It simply went deeper underground.

This is more of a resurgence than anything. So what does it mean today? The possibility of some really great stuff from people you may not have thought, along with the recognition and understanding that the music deserves which in turn could create something special again? Or the inevitability of more disposable crap pushed by blogs and djs’ who don’t support the scene, local or abroad, looking to capitalize on a trend. Probably a bit of both. Hopefully more the former. Either way there will still be those who listen to and play it as if it were a religion.

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James Blake – CMYK EP

On to something a little different. Big tune here. A Burial’esque style dubstep (more like soul step to me) track from a young chap from London called James Blake. The UK is putting out some amazing stuff as always. Loving that real smooth dubby garage type flavour. This ones set to be released on the 31st of this month on R&S Records.

“Look I found her, Red Coat, Look I found her

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In Flagranti – Through a Rabbit Hole Remixes

Hot 70's naked Women

Personal favorites In Flagranti, whom I had the pleasure of bringing to Vancouver (well one member, sasa) last year, have released a gang of remixes for their track Through a Rabbit Hole. Vocals by Natalie Smash.

They feature remixes from Moscow, Clap Rules, Baldelli & Dionigi and Deadstock 33. I don’t know much about any of the remixers at the moment, but I am definately excited as they all bring a number of different tastes to the table. I’m really feeling the Baldelli & Dionigi mix. (Verona, Italy). It’s a real sleazy balearic chugger. Sasa, who happens to be a stand up guy, was kind enough to allow me to post it for you!

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Real House Music – Bulgarian Style?

Bulgaria and real house music? Most people would laugh…and then you could slap them in the face and tell them about Kink. I’ve Got to agree with Tim Sweeny .  I haven’t been dissapointed with anything Kink or Neville Watson (London) have been putting out lately.  Both these guys are worthy of BOS (buy on spot) status right now.

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