Nicholas – Crying, D-Vote, Free at Last [No More Hits Italy]

Italian Producer Nicholas

Young Italian producer Nicholas comes through with the slow mo deepness with his latest releases that should satisfy any deep house head.

Bringing back the old school vibes with these releases by sampling and reworking many 70′s,80′s and 90′s soul and house favorites, Nicholas has proven that he has a knack for finding a solid groove. I also think that every good DJ set needs a few tasteful diva vocal tunes to break up the monotony and soften up the edges.

Nicholas – Crying EP

Possibly my favorite release. This contains 4 tracks. You must buy this!!! “Crying” is a stand out slow motion stomper and head bobber. “Get You” will sound familiar to most. A bouncy bass line with diva vocals. If you’re a fan of dubs, you probably won’t feel this. “I Got You” is probably my stand out track on this release. A perfect combination of male/female vocal snippets with a real chugging groove. “Beneath the Surface” sounds a bit more contemporary…possibly something you’d likely hear from the Revenge. All around this is a solid release of four must have songs.

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Eltron John – And Then We Realize… [Koh-I-Noor]

Eltron John - And then we realize

The first 12″ is the work of a certain Eltron John – an all-round music freak and one of the Polish underground’s hardest working DJs. On the A-side we have “…And Then We Realize”, a blissful, stretched-out jam that reflects Eltron’s love of both soul and dub. The track is sure to move hearts and hips alike and comes complete with a mental synth solo, as well as a sunrise breakdown (i.e. meant to resonate right when the sun is rising).

RC2: When you put this on, you’re gonna want to grab somone by the hand, look into thier eyes and lose yourself in them. If you don’t have someone, then simply reminisce about the one that got away, or dream about the one that might be.

…And Then We Realize by Eltron John

Head to the flip for the gloriously raw “Cup Of Wine” by La Rambla Perversion – a collaboration between Eltron and Dresden’s, Cuthead; backed by an all-star host of musicians, and fronted by a certain gorgeous lady with a voice to kill for (one and only Fatima!). This crazy little slice of drunk funk was recorded in a makeshift studio in the corridor of the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona and apart from moving the movers and shaking the shakers it can serve as a testament of the kind of wondrously spontaneous, creative atmosphere of the place and time.

La Rambla Perversion – Cup Of Wine (instrumental) by Eltron John

Julio Bashmore – Crack Mix w/ Tracklist

This young bloke from bristol, has been on my radar for a while. His productions have rarely, if ever, dissapointed me. Coming at you with deep, dubby, garaged out basslines and a touch of london street edge, Julio is currently signed to Dirty Bird and has released remixes under many more respected labels.

His most recent mix for Crack is a beautifully programmed journey through classic to new house and post garage with plenty of deep blissed out basslines..

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