Lowcast 001 – Likemind

Likemind - 001 LowCast

Here it is. The start of our monthly mix series. Without further adieu, I leave you with the words of our first lowcast creator Likemind.

“Right now, this present moment, is undeniably the most exciting time the global electronic music scene has ever witnessed. To even say that there is a unified, integrated, global scene is unprecedented. It’s a renaissance and a revolution.”

Follow the post to see the tracklist and hear more about what Likemind has to say.

Bass music – a catchall phrase that includes basically everything – has exploded as genres that were once considered barely compatible now effortlessly melt into one another. House and techno, with their extensive histories, have seemingly let their hair down and eloped with newer genres like UK funky, juke, and trap, which have no such history to bog them down.

Never before have we heard traditionally-4/4 sound elements fuse with syncopated and broken polyrhythms in this way, and to such an extent. Volumes of mind-blowing singles, EPs, and compilation albums are being released each and every week – week after week after week. It just doesn’t stop. In fact, it’s only getting bigger, harder, faster.

For the first time in my life I feel like humanity is finally uniting under some worthwhile creative umbrella and this makes hiding my boner very challenging.

Please join us in supporting and appreciating this historical moment in music history as we unveil the Low Motion Quarterly Podcast. Let’s show each other each other’s boners.

For your health.”

Track List

uncollected grooves / steve summers
untitled 8 / kevin ehman
maybe / resketch
chasing clouds / shenoda
street walker / duke dumont
i’m the man / mikix the cat
skylight / addison groove
unknown tales / cat in the closet
bonk (pol_on remix) / chmara winter
strictly (kassem moose ‘need to feel edit’ remix) / commix
prone / boddika & joy orbison
raven / actress
******* / space ghost

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