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The Beat Broker: Interview

Well, I’m back again with another interview of an artist who’s tracks, edits and remixes have featured prominently on my own mixes and sets for the last few years. I’m talking of course about San Fransisco DJ/ producer, The Beat Broker. I caught up with the man recently to get a bit of info for the Low Motion Blog. Check it out.

The Beat Broker – Classy Dancer III (the VIP Lounge) by the Beat Broker

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Lord of the Isles

Well, for my first of what will hopefully be many posts on the Low Motion blog, I thought I’d shed a little light on a for now little known producer from Scotland, Lord of the Isles. LOTI has honestly been one of my favorite musical finds of the last year or two. There is something about his tracks and the way that he arranges them that just gets stuck in your head. His approach to edits is almost unique and seems to buck a lot of the more common trends embraced in edit circles of late. He has a certain attention to detail in his music that is honestly refreshing in my opinion, from his clever and subtle use of rare and obscure samples, to his trippy and entrancing breakdowns. So without further notice, let’s do this!

Lord Of The Isles – We Were There (Dancin Freestyle) by Lord Of The Isles
More tracks and interview after the jump:

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Space Ranger Interview + Superstring EP + Summer Mix

space ranger members

From Stuttgart, Germany we have Space Ranger. I first found out about Space Ranger last year, while cruising Myspace profiles. Their Profile Views have gone from 50 to 4902 in that time, and it only felt right that I should approach the trio for an interview for Low-Motion. These guys have been doing the DJ/Producer thing many years now and are quickly rising to the top of their genre.

Flo sent over a promo remix off of the Superstring EP by Rayko. Here it is @ 128 kbps:

Space Ranger – Superstring (Rayko Remix)

Exclusive interview with the guys from Space Ranger after the jump

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